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ArB 01-07-08 12:00

hAcx iLiberty+ Script Generator (Windows)
Handige tool om eventuele packages die nu alleen beschikbaar zijn via de installer om te zetten naar iliberty+ plugins.

Ik voel hier wel wat voor, want je bent niet meer afhankelijk van de Wi-Fi verbinding. :)

hacx-iliberty-script-generator - Google Code


Using this program you can generate iLiberty+ scripts from Installer packages on-the-fly so you can install any Installer package without having to use a Wi-Fi connection, only a pc/mac and iLiberty+.
scripts are generated and copied to the iLiberty+ automatically only by adding the repository url and selecting the desired package (application/game/fix) from the program itself and clicking the "Generate Install Script" button.
by default every script generated for iLiberty+ will also have a special function to add itself to Installer (on the iPhone) so it can be easily uninstalled later from the Installer interface itself rather then creating another script for iLiberty+ to perform the uninstall.
you can also generate an uninstall script the same way you generate the install script, by clicking the "Generate Uninstall Script". this way you can uninstall any application from the iPhone using iLiberty+.
notice that this program is still in beta stages and some packages may not parse successfully.
I'm not responsible in any way to damages that my occur to you're iPhone while using this application.
Author: hAcx -

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