bringing a (legally) unlocked iPhone to NL

bringing a (legally) unlocked iPhone to NL discussie in T-Mobile forum; ( verdwijnt na registratie ) Hi, and apologies for using English, My wife and I will be living in Amsterdam from January to July of 2011. If we want to ...

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Bekijk resultaten enqute: Which choice is better?

buy phones in NL with 1-year contract, then break contract & jailbreak 0 0%
buy unlocked phones in Canada, get pay-as-you-go SIM in NL 4 100,00%
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Oud 18-11-10, 09:07
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Question bringing a (legally) unlocked iPhone to NL

Hi, and apologies for using English,

My wife and I will be living in Amsterdam from January to July of 2011. If we want to have iPhone 4's while we're there, what is our best option?

1) Buy a new pair of iPhone 4s from (or another carrier) with a 1-year contract? Then break the contract after 7 months, and bring the phones back to the USA and try to jailbreak/unlock them so we can then use the phones with T-Mobile.usa...


2) Buy a new pair of legally unlocked iPhones from Canada, bring them with us to NL, and get a SIM from a Dutch carrier that gives us phone and data on a month-to-month basis. Then bring the phones back home and use with AT&T or whoever.

If we try #2, what carrier do you recommend?

Boston, MA
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Oud 18-11-10, 09:30
remundo7000's schermafbeelding
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Definitely option 2! Also, in two weeks time all dutch carriers will be selling iphones and iPhone plans. There is an overview on this very website, i'll see if i can find it.
It's in dutch obviously, but you can use Google translate or some service like that.

Edit: and here it is!
iPhone kopen in Nederland: prijzen, abonnementen en simlockvrij

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Oud 18-11-10, 09:32
wouter1981's schermafbeelding
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My advise would be to buy them in Canada. They're cheap there. And they are unlocked.

If you buy a dutch iPhone it'll be locked. And T-Mobile, for example, charges 70 euros after 6 months for an official unlock.
I'm not even sure if you will be able to sign a contract...

And if you have a chance, bring an extra iPhone 4. I would like one ;-)

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Oud 27-11-10, 15:23
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Option 2 (no warranty issues)

for 6 months you cant sign a contract with a provider here. So I would say use Vodafone Prepaid, internet cost €9.50 a month and then also the minutes charged for calling and sending sms.

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