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bbgt 15-01-13 00:17

WhatsApp op iPhone 3G
Helaas ontving ik vanavond onderstaand teleurstellende mailtje van WhatsApp:

Ken V (WhatsApp Support)
Jan 14 12:46 (PST)
Thanks for your message.
Apple no longer supports the iPhone 3G, nor does WhatsApp.
In order for WhatsApp to provide a more secure and reliable service for all of our users, we simply cannot continue supporting older versions of the app. If you have WhatsApp Messenger version 2.8.4 for iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2.1, you should be able to continue using WhatsApp with the same phone number. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide any way for us to distribute previous versions of the app, so you will need to have had previously downloaded version 2.8.4.
WhatsApp is an internet-driven service. It requires all of the devices that connect to it to be able to use the same protocol (similar to "speaking the same language"). As our protocol evolves to add new features and improve security and performance, it becomes imperative to enforce all of our devices to use the newer protocol. Otherwise, our system becomes vulnerable to attackers and spammers. If we allow old devices into the system, we allow the few users with old devices to jeopardize the experience for the rest of our users. Eventually, the protocol will evolve to a point where old devices will simply not understand the new protocol entirely.
You can read our latest blog post to learn more about why WhatsApp Messenger now requires iOS 4.3 or later: Life’s Change Agent and the iPhone 3G
It's not as simple as "Your device is too old", but the bottom line is: "Your device is too old."

XIII 15-01-13 00:49

Deze tekst is hier al eerder geplaatst.

Bovendien hebben we het topic moeten sluiten vanwege de vele illegale reacties.

Daarom ook hier een slotje.

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