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DigitALL 01-04-08 20:27

iPhone crisis!!! Kindly please help.
The following is my iPhone story:
I bought an unlocked 16GB iPhone from eBay at version 1.1.4. Placed my SIM, and worked just fine for one week. All features were functional. I have installed only a tetris and a chess game, nothing else, no other changes.
Suddenly the phone started to behave strange, loose the carrier signal, or the Wi-Fi, and the next day to reboot by itself until one point when it showed on the the screen the plug and iTunes. iTunes detected the iPhone in recovery mode and I had the option to “restore & update”. Each time after trying to proceed with the recovery, the message was “An unknown error occurred (1011)”
I did some reading and downloaded the ZiPhone, v3.
- I could put the phone in restore mode and try the iTunes recovery and got the same error: “An unknown error occurred (1011)”.
- Then I placed it in DFU mode and then used the iTunes and got the same error: “An unknown error occurred (1011)”.
- Then I followed, exactly the troubleshooting procedure docs found in ZiPhone folder and each time I got the same error with iTunes.
- I have installed iTunes on a different computer and an older version: 7.4.x. I have tried the same procedures as above and the same error. That convinced me that it is the iPhone, not the software installed on my computer.
- I launched again ZiPhone, set it to start in normal mode. At that point on the iPhone I got the display with the key pad and in different languages: “For emergency calls only”.
- In ZiPhone, I have clicked on “Do it all”, to unlock, jailbreak and to activate. On the iPhone showed a scrolling text and the “Z” name. It froze like that for more than 15 minutes and as per ZiPhone suggestion, close and restart and do it again.
*** The big problem now is the iPhone is not recognized by the ZiPhone or iTunes. When I turn it ON, it displays a scrolling text and then “Invalid calibration data” and then the line “BSD root: md0, major2, minor0” it keeps repeating itself. When I unplug it or plug it back it, some text detects that was plugged or unplugged but then this line with BSD keeps repeating itself.
I am mad, screwed, poor after I spent more than $600 on it and don’t know what else to do. :(
Please help, wht should I do, what procedure should I follow?

Michael 01-04-08 22:05

Put your iphone in dfu manualy and restore again

yingie 01-04-08 23:33

And use iLiberty+ next time.

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