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  1. mikkafin
    01-10-10 09:09 - permalink
    thank you for the quick response. two more little questions if you don't mind.

    xlvoordeel sells only 16GB version right? do they have a physical/actual shop so that I can visit them in den bosch and know more about their offer?

    and are these phones we're talkin about, (vodafone ones) FACTORY unlocked? or jailbreaked? or is it locked and i wouldn't be able to use it in finland?
  2. korrel
    01-10-10 02:59 - permalink
    i p***** , i waited 2 months for a but because of all their mistakes i cancelled my order. could deliver within a couple of days and they are cheaper. now i receive my order next monday and i ordered last wensday..

    xlvoordeel is more riable because they are an official vodaphone reseller. They say vodaphona can't official sell iphpones so they made as a daughter company. after i ordered one i they called me after 2 days to ask for a date to deliver ...

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