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Please help discussie in Jailbreak forum; ( verdwijnt na registratie ) Guys, I have never seen a problem like this and I would really need some help here from EXPERTS and Only EXPERTS if possible, unless ...

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Oud 18 November 2011, 00:21
» iPhone 3GS 16GB (Wit) [FW: 4.0]  [Jailbreak: Nee]
» Ik heb geen iPad  
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Standaard Please help

Guys, I have never seen a problem like this and I would really need some help here from EXPERTS and Only EXPERTS if possible, unless noobs have a solution of course

My Iphone is stuck in recovery mode (connect to itunes logo). Even after a reboot, dfu, restore etc it comes back. I can restore it, no problem. Downgrade it, upgrade it, etc. Thats not a problem for me.

But here it goes, i just cant reboot it normally again so I can go to the home screen.
Why I want this? Because I have information on my iphone that i would do anything for to get it back.
its the most important thing in my life and whatever it takes I need it back.

what i did is so far everything:
- Trying to kick it out with Tiny umbrella, blackra1n, greenpoison, limera1n, pnwagetool, redsnow, ireb, fixrecovery, Ziphone and even Recboot with the promptcommands.

I tried everything, even trying trough programs such as iphonebrowser or whatever, which wont help since the device falls back in the recovery mode after every kind of reboot and option i tried.

I have an iphone 3gs, but I cant remember what firmware, it has a new bootrom i guess, but it was jailbreaken before. Which I also cant remember if it was through jailbreakme or blackra1n, but it worked perfectly untill I after i wanted to take a picture it got stuck in it.

Again, its soo crucial that i get my files back. Historical interviews on my voice-recorder, films and pictures that are priceless.

Please dev team or other great experts. Pleaaase help me get my files back.
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Oud 18 November 2011, 01:47
Wally's schermafbeelding
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If you're phone is still jailbroken you can access any file using iFunbox...

Definitely worth a shot...

i-FunBox | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transfer Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch via USB

Keep us posted...
Oud 18 November 2011, 10:34
» iPhone 5s 32GB (Space Grijs) [FW: 8.1.2]  [Jailbreak: Ja]
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@wally that won't work, cause he is in recovery mode..
I read your story, there are some things i don't understand. You tried to restore your iphone? Why would u do that, then your files would be lost? And since you said you restored it? then i guess your files are already lost (on the IPHONE!). BUt i guess you synchronized your files with iTUNES? if so, why bother to restore the iphone? The data is on your itunes?

Now back to the iphone, you didsnt specified what errors you got during downgrading or restoring (or whatever you tried)? That helps alot to eleminate certain things, so we dont have to guess ! As far as i can see, since your iphone crashed during taking a picture, it seems to me to be a hardware problem. The iphone checks alot of hardware functionaly during booting, so if the iphone comes across something that doesnt function as it should be (vital functions) goes into recovery mode!
Revenge of the nerd..
Oud 19 November 2011, 02:18
» iPhone 3GS 16GB (Wit) [FW: 4.0]  [Jailbreak: Nee]
» Ik heb geen iPad  
» Windows
Geregistreerd: 9 July 2010
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Dear Inemesis and Wally,

Thanks for your responses.
Ifunbox wont work indeed, because it is in recovery mode.

Inemesis, i didnt restore my explination was written quickly haha but the problem is that after it crashed it went stuck in recovery mode.
I never got any error messages, from what i know of ? I never tried to restore it, only trying to kicking it out of recovery mode. I tried blackra1n and so on, in dfu mode to even try to reboot it properly. All this didnt work. Nothing is working, even those solutions like recboot and tinyumbrella failed.
after every attempt and reboot, after the apple logo it jumps back to recovery mode.

really getting desperate ... if there was some way i could get in to the phone to take out the files...or make it reboot normally again..

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