Last van warmte en batterij na unlock/jailbreak?

Last van warmte en batterij na unlock/jailbreak? discussie in Unlock forum; ( verdwijnt na registratie ) Als je hier van last hebt dan moet je de post van Sherif_Hashim op het dev team blog eens lezen ik plak hem hier alvast. ...

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Oud 30-11-10, 13:29
» iPhone 3GS 16GB (Zwart) [FW: 4.3.2]  [Jailbreak: Ja]
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Standaard Last van warmte en batterij na unlock/jailbreak?

Als je hier van last hebt dan moet je de post van Sherif_Hashim op het dev team blog eens lezen ik plak hem hier alvast.

Mijn excuses als het nutteloos is dat ik hier een extra topic voor maak, maar veel mensen hebben er last van precies.

good day fellow jailbreakers & unlockers

i hope those of u with 3g/3gs are enjoying their updated unlocked devices, all props to @MuscleNerd & co. for making this possible , hopefully the iphone 4 on 2.10.04 and 3.10.01 follows within a good time table.

on a very important side note, before anyone starts to complain about battery drainage issues after installing the new ultrasn0w on the 6.15.00 updated BB, the culprit here is not ultrasn0w, it's the hacktivation process (activating the phone by pwnage tool or redsn0w rather than using an official carrier sim to do so) that u mostly did while jailbreaking.

The 4.1 and 4.2.1 ipsws unlike their old ancestors, seem to keep looking for valid push certificates all the time, either thru your Wi-Fi, or thru your cellular data network (which u only have after installing ultrasn0w and hence u accuse it) , this can be seen clearly if u have a cellular working data plan for 3g or edge and u watched the settings > general > usage > cellular network data (sent & received are continuously increasing even without using any internet traffics on the phone) , this will also render the phone going hot even in stand by mode and also very rapid battery drainage occurs plus consuming ur data if you were not on an unlimited plan.

so to resolve this, u either:
A) try to activate the phone using the official sim if u have it (even if the sim itself is old and not working) , or borrow it from a friend if it's possible, by any means, try to have an access to one and use it
B) if A is not feasible, u can install SBsettings from featured cydia packages and turn Wi-Fi and data off when u r not using it (shuts down both 3g and edge) , till C is done
C) there is a very nice module being worked on by a trusted jailbreak app dev, namely @sbingner , which ll resolve that issue for those having it, the details of which shouldn't be disclosed until he finishes his awesome work, till then, either use A or B to resolve the issue if it exists for you

sorry for the long post and thanks for your attention

Met andere woorden, het ligt aan het feit dat je iPhone toch constant officieel wil activeren (denk ik). En je kan het voorlopig oplossen door 3G en Wi-Fi uit te zetten als je het niet gebruikt. Er is een developer ah werken aan een oplossing.
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Oud 30-11-10, 13:57
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