Nieuwe Nederlandse games developer met CatSpin

Nieuwe Nederlandse games developer met CatSpin discussie in iPhone Apps forum; ( verdwijnt na registratie ) Nederland heeft er weer een games developer bij; Phure Studios. Een paar dagen geleden is de game CatSpin uitgekomen voor €1,59 en er is ook ...

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Standaard Nieuwe Nederlandse games developer met CatSpin

Nederland heeft er weer een games developer bij; Phure Studios.

Een paar dagen geleden is de game CatSpin uitgekomen voor €1,59 en er is ook een gratis Lite versie beschikbaar.

Volledige game heeft 50 levels, touchscreen en accelerometer controls.
Lite versie heeft 10 levels en dezelfde touchscreen en accelerometer controls.

Meer info en screenies vind je op:
Phure Studios

De officile trailer:

De beschrijving op de App Store:
CatSpin is a puzzle/adventure game with a whole new spin to it!

Our hero's name is Neko. His cool hat might make him look a bit mysterious, but it's just something random he came up with while dreaming this whole thing.

After running around and playing the whole day, Neko goes home to get some rest. Soon he is dreaming about a world full of lucky coins and he wants to collect them all!

It seems that every time he collects all the the lucky coins around, a magical door opens and he is able to go to another room. To his surprise the next rooms also have coins in them. Neko’s curious about how many rooms there could be and how many lucky coins he will be able to get.

And that is where you step in! You can help Neko by controlling him through the world! And not only that; you can control the world itself! By rotating it round and round, using either the virtual buttons or the accelerometer, you make sure Neko is able to get to places that he would otherwise not have been able to reach, but watch out! When you rotate, keep in mind that fire always wants to burn up, rocks always fall down and wind keeps coming from the sides; this might just do all kinds of funky stuff inside a rotating room!

After reaching the exit, your progress is automatically saved. The game also keeps track of your 5 fastest times! Try beating the highest score for every level!

Will Neko find out how many rooms there are?

Will he get all the lucky coins?

Let’s find out!

Key features:
- A whole new concept of playing a platform game!
- Adventure and puzzle elements!
- Virtual buttons or Accelerometer controls!
- 50 levels to unlock!
- High scores!
- Crisp and beautiful 2D graphics!
- Funky soundtrack and soundeffects!

About Phure Studios:
Phure Studios is a Games Design and Development company and is located in The Netherlands, founded in 2009 and have eyes set on pure fun! Phure Studios develops games for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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