BASE: need help ASAP with 1.1.2!!!

BASE: need help ASAP with 1.1.2!!! discussie in Base forum; ( verdwijnt na registratie ) Hello, Sorry for the intrusion and sorry if I dont speak dutch. I would be very thankful if somebody could help me here from the ...

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Oud 19-12-07, 23:31
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Smile BASE: need help ASAP with 1.1.2!!!


Sorry for the intrusion and sorry if I dont speak dutch.
I would be very thankful if somebody could help me here from the forum.

My OTB 1.1.1 iphone (week 42) is well upgraded/unlocked to 1.1.2 but it doesnt ring when its called and whenever i try to compose a number to call, it goes back to the homepage. Also, SMS does not work.

This is what i did:

I re-virginized to have a baseband with 3.9 then i put the firmware 1.1.1 and jailbreaked it. Then, without using AnySIM, I followed the procedure to upgrade to 1.1.2 with iTunes and then i had it jailbreaked to 1.1.2 .
I finally run AnySIM 1.1.2u and it was fine.

Now... it works with VODAFONE UK SIM Card, but NOT with BASE BELGIUM card, why??????

The SIM Belgium is a 128k banxafe:
BASE online

I can access all the services, but I cannot digit numbers to call or use the SMS side.

Curious to say that, 1 week ago, I had it unlocked/jailbreaked to 1.1.1 and it was all ok with this banxafe card.

What can i do? is there a fix for this?
If I ask BASE to replace the SIM with another, do you think it will work???

Thanks for your help or link !!!

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Oud 19-12-07, 23:35
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Hi Giulio,

The solution is to install iWorld with the installer on your iPhone.
You can find iWorld under category "Tweaks 1.1.2".
After installing run iWorld with setting Belgium (the iWorld icon is on the springboard).
Reboot the iPhone and the problem should be solved.

You can uninstall iWorld after running it once.
Oud 30-12-07, 14:11
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idd iworld install, region belgium. i used on my 1.1.1 mobile enhancer calldata belgium, now on my 1.1.2 i use iworld

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